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Article: '' Grow with me '' rompers: how to choose the right size?

'' Grow with me '' rompers: how to choose the right size?

You want to buy one of our perfect rompers, but you don't know which size to choose? This text should help you make the right choice!

Our 4 sizes of ''grow with me'' rompers: 

0-6 months

This size is perfect from birth until your child wears the 6 month size. So this is the perfect romper to choose if your baby is still warm in your belly or baby shower gift. Nothing is cuter than a mini baby wearing one of our romper suits.

6-18 months

If baby is already with us, wearing 3-6 months and you think he is growing at a crazy speed, this size is the right one. It all depends on the shape of the baby. For some, it will be bigger at first, but will fit wonderfully within a few weeks. It's better to go too big than too small. In any case, our evolving romper are designed to fit your child's size; they have a loose fit and adjustable ankle straps.

1-3 T

Your child wears the size 12 months in some clothing brands? You have to go for this size! These romper will last until your child wears size 2-3T. Isn't it wonderful to have a piece of clothing that will last this long?


Is your child now wearing a size 3-4T? This is the size you should choose. It will definitely be your favorite piece of clothing! We always go for neutral, timeless colors, not to mention our wood button rompers are made from organic cotton.

To discover our different models of overalls, it's here: Shop here

Eli 14 months, wears 12 month clothes in other brands and wears the 6-18 cornet romper fully rolled up. The 1-3T romper are large, but would still fit.

Clara, 5 years old, usually wears 4-5T. Here he is wearing the 3-5T floral romper with his ankles completely unrolled.


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