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Article: Fan of plain clothes, you will be served!

Fan of plain clothes, you will be served!

Many criteria come into play when it comes to choosing your Bajoue's outfit for the day, don't they? Juggling colors, patterns and textures; nothing simple for a parent already overwhelmed with complicated mornings...!

We live it here too and that's why we offer a wide selection of small plain clothes and accessories. It's much easier to match plain clothes with the pieces we already have in our Bajoues' wardrobe and this is an important detail when it comes to designing our collections. We opt for timeless and mostly unisex colors. This way, we ensure that our clothes last longer. Indeed, neutral colors that suit all seasons is our motto at Bajoue and it is what makes our clothes last over time!

If you also want to simplify your life when it comes to dressing your child, we have some suggestions for you.

Here are some must-haves. Quality pieces, colors that go with everything and unisex cuts that work for both a girl and a boy.

Does it speak to you? You'll fall in love with our Oat romper. A classic beige that you can combine with your favorite patterned pieces. A vintage look and a relaxed fit to keep your Bajoue comfortable.


Fan of this color? We also offer the ''grow with me'' pants in the same color!

Our ocean pants are also a must have. Its soft and unisex color is suitable no matter the age and sex of your child. These pants are evolutionary and who says ''grow with me'' pants says durability. We made sure to choose a neutral and timeless color. We also offer the sweater in this color.

Here, we are completely under the spell!

Finally, is there a fabric that ages better than jeans? Hard to beat! That's why our ''grow with me'' denim jacket is THE choice to make on our store. Again, it's a unisex piece that's neutral and easy to match. Wear it with one of our plain t-shirts or with one of our sweaters. Pssst...Our stretchy jeans are made from recycled plastic bottles. A sustainable piece, a responsible choice for our environment!

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