About us

From sisters-in-law to partners

It all started in 2017. Camille was pregnant with her first child and hadn't asked the sex, just like Amélie, a few years later. Yes, we're the kind of girls who like to keep it a surprise. However, creating a baby's wardrobe with the criterion that the clothes be unisex is not necessarily easy. That's where the idea of launching our own clothing line came from. We decided to create a Quebec-based company that would offer unisex clothing for children that would be durable and as comfortable as pyjamas. Having no entrepreneurial background, we were not aware of the project we were embarking on!

Social media

Camille handles the marketing and administrative side of the business. She implements the advertising ideas we have. Her head is overflowing with concepts and she makes sure that our team puts them into practice. Self-taught, she learned "on the job" ! Four years ago, she had no idea what digital advertising was and now she's in charge of our advertising account!


Amélie is Bajoue's designer. She brings to life the thousand ideas that come to mind. All our designs are her own creations. She creates the patterns and chooses the fabrics and colours. She manages the production and release of the products. She makes sure that there is nothing missing from the inventory and that the quality is there. She also participates in the company's marketing strategy.

Creative process

We offer unique clothing and accessories; our designs are exclusive, we design them. Each season, we make sure to choose colours that will match the previous seasons products. As we offer evolving clothing, this criterion is essential. It all starts with the development of our colour palette, followed by the creation of prints and the choice of fabrics.

Made here

Since March 2017, Bajoue offers clothing and accessories for 0 to 6 years old. We are very proud to say that everything is made here in Quebec. We have hired amazing seamstresses who, every day, produce our little clothes with love and passion. Bajoue offers quality clothing and it is largely thanks to them!

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$1 per order will be given to children in need. We are committed to donating the profits raised to organizations that are important to us. Thank you for allowing us to make a difference!