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Article: How to choose the right size of ''grow with me'' pants?

How to choose the right size of ''grow with me'' pants?

Our little clothes for babies and kids are appreciated and our ''grow with me'' pants are no exception! Comfort is at the heart of our designs, but style is not forgotten. Before choosing your model, it's important to know what size you should get. If you're going to buy a durable, quality piece, you might as well make sure it's going to last a long time.

At Bajoue, 3 sizes of  ''grow with me'' pants are available:

0-12 M

This size is ideal from birth until your child wears the 9-12 month size. This is the perfect size to choose if your baby is still warm in your tummy or for a great shower or birth gift!

1-3 T

Does your child wear the 9 month size in most clothing brands?

Your child wears cloth diapers? We recommend this size so that he can wear it for a long time. The ''grow with me'' pants will last until your child wears 2-3T. Isn't it wonderful to have a piece of clothing that will last that long?

3-5 T

Your child is now wearing size 3-4 T in most clothing brands? That's the size you need to choose!

For more details, you can also rely on our size guide available on our store. Click here for more information.

Little Bajoue who is just 2 weeks old and wears the 0-12M pants completely rolled up (band and ankles).

Pants on the picture : Souvenirs pants

Eli, 14 months old (a mini size) wears the 0-12M pants fully unrolled. He will be going up to size 1-3T soon, but for now the size is a little too baggy.

Pants on the picture : Ocean pants

Tristan, 4 years old, wears the pants in size 1-3T. The fit is more tight. The 3-5T pants fit him as well. (He wears 4T in other popular brands). 

Pants on the picture : Aviator pants

Now you're ready to confidently choose the right size. Shop now.

N.B. Our ''grow with me'' pants are not a tight-fitting legging. It offers a comfortable style. A unisex piece, stylish and perfect for play. The last month or two that baby wears the piece, it may be slightly tighter, especially if baby has good thighs and belly!

N.B. Our ''grow with me'' pants are a great fit with cloth diapers. If baby is getting closer to the next size (e.g. 6-9 months), go immediately to the next size up (in this case 1-3T) to keep a decent amount of room for the booty!

Now you are ready to choose the right size with confidence. Shop now.

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