Storybook - La souris qui portait une maison sur son dos

  • Author: Jonathan Stutzman
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Number of pages: 48
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Addressed topics: Generosity and tolerance
  • Publishing house: Scholastic

Vincent is a little mouse who carries his house on his back. One day, he decides to set it up on a hill. Weary, hungry, and soaked passersby stop one by one, unaware that the mouse can help them. But all are pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and hospitality of the kind little mouse. It offers them a place to rest and feed, even to a huge and frightening passerby. With the image of the house and the little mouse, Jonathan Stutzman and Isabelle Arsenault offer a poignant metaphor: the heart is never too small to love greatly.