Storybook - Fais un souhait

  • Author: Chris Saunders
  • Age: 3 years +
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Addressed topics: kindness, friendship
  • Publishing house: Scholastic

Close your eyes, my dear rabbit, for a beautiful surprise awaits you ahead... A rabbit receives three wishes, but he doesn't know how to use them. So, he asks his friends, the mouse, the fox, and the bear, what they would wish for if they were in his place. Being generous by nature, the rabbit offers his three wishes to his friends. They are so grateful that they find a way to share their wishes with him in return. 'Fais un souhait' is a touching story about the power of kindness and the magic of friendship. Chris Saunders' illustrations accompany the text with gentleness and sensitivity.