Sensory Set - Pirates

  • Includes everything you need to create a sensory bin
  • Theme: Pirates
  • Varied materials (may vary from one set to another)
  • Bin not included
  • Designed in Quebec

Little adventure enthusiasts will be delighted with this sensory set themed around pirates. Sensory exploration takes center stage with the gelling powder simulating the sea and graham cracker crumbs representing the sand. Both young and older kids will have fun plunging their hands into it to hide gold coins and treasures.

Procedure for the gelling powder: pour into an airtight container and add warm water while constantly mixing with your hands. The substance will thicken! Add more water for a slightly more liquid substance and less water for a thicker substance. It is worth noting that the substance continues to thicken slightly over time. It is always possible to add water to achieve the desired consistency.

The lifespan of our bins is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the items it contains. When the items are "wet," the lifespan is shorter!