Sensory Bottle - Christmas Trees

  • Includes everything you need to create a sensory bottle
  • Theme : Christmas Trees
  • Bottle height: 6” x 2” (16 x 5.5 cm)
  • Varied materials (colors may vary from one bottle to another)
  • Designed in Quebec/ Canada

Our Christmas Trees sensory bottle is ideal for children aged 0 to 6. For ages 0-2, it stimulates sensory awareness and cause-and-effect connections. For older children, it's the perfect calming down tool. We count the trees, point to the pom-poms, and observe the glitter as well as the wooden discs swirling. Children will also have a lot of fun designing the bottle themselves!

NOTE. The wooden discs are natural and may slightly color the water. It is possible to empty this water and refill with new water.


Simply put all the items in the bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with warm water and you're all set! Make sure to close the cap tightly (even better if you use hot glue to secure it).