Activity Box - Dinosaurs (2-6 years old)

  • Various materials to explore the theme;
  • Accompanying guide created by early childhood professionals;
  • An activity workbook (PDF) valued at $7.99.

The Dinosaur Activity Play Box is the perfect gift for dinosaur lovers! Definitely our most popular activity box.

Children are invited to explore the world of dinosaurs by stepping into the shoes of a paleontologist. They will search for small bones hidden in the sand, dig into the stone with a tool to discover a dinosaur fossil, observe different details with a magnifying glass, paint a wooden figurine, create a prehistoric-themed setting, play matching games, and much more.

Through all these educational activities, children develop their fine motor skills, explore different textures, and discover thematic vocabulary. Pastel's activity play boxes emphasize symbolic play, creativity, perseverance, and self-confidence.

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