The benefits of buying unisex and evolving clothing

We won't lie, children grow up quickly and that is why we must choose their clothes wisely. At Bajoue, most of our clothes are evolutionary. Bands at the ankles and wrists allow for adjustment in length.

The evolutionary aspect is considerable in terms of the life span of a clothing item, but it's not the only thing. Indeed, when creating baby #1's wardrobe, it may be relevant to think about adding some unisex pieces. From an economical point of view, but also ecological. Simply because you will have made judicious choices during your first pregnancy, you will be able to enjoy the piece not once, but twice and who knows, maybe three, four... (you get the idea!!). A significant and easily achievable saving.

Bajoue offers several garments with non-gender specific cuts. For example, the ''grow with me'' pants, rompers, sweaters and jackets are uniquely cut to fit both boys and girls. Each collection includes neutral colors and designs to make it easy to match with other pieces in your child's wardrobe.

At Bajoue, we make sure to choose quality materials. It's wonderful to think that a garment is evolving and that it will last a long time, but the fabric must also hold up. Our fabrics are chosen with care and are, in most cases, organic.

Finally, the quality of the clothing is essential to the life of a garment. We put this aspect in our priorities and this is what makes a Bajoue piece last over time.

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Bonjour! J’ai récemment acheté une petite salopette taupe pour mon petit de 21 mois , j’ai pris la taille 3 -5 ans car il est assez costaud pas très grand mais assez gras (un bon p’tit 32 livres ou plus hihi) , j’avais une barboteuse 18-36 mois d’une autre compagnie qui ne faisait plus cette été déjà donc je n’ai pas pris de chance je me suis dit qu’au pire ça fera à ma grande de 4 ans et demi ;) finalement ça fait au deux haha, je la trouve très belle et douce, j’aime aussi que le tissu soit extensible ! Ma fille l’aime bien aussi , elle la trouve confortable ! On ne l’a pas porté beaucoup encore car il fait trop chaud mais j’ai bien hâte de lui mettre dès qu’il fera plus frais .
Merci beaucoup pour vos beaux morceaux! Et continuez votre bon travail !

Kristel August 09, 2021

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