''Grow with me'': how to choose the right size?

3 words to describe our ''grow with me'' jackets: stylish, comfortable and unisex. The loose fit and stretchy material allow your child to move freely. To make the right choice, it's important to know what size fits your child.

Our 4 sizes of ''grow with me'' jackets:


This size is ideal from birth until your child wears the 9 month size. This is the jacket to choose if your baby is still warm in your belly or if you want to give it as a shower or birth gift! If your baby is small, this size will last a long time. If your baby is already wearing a 9 month size, we recommend that you choose the next size up right away.

1-2 T

Your child wears 9-12 months in a few brands of clothing? You have to take this size! The jacket will fit until your child wears a size 2T. If your child wears 18 months, it is better to take the size above so that the garment will be long lasting.

2-4 T

Your Bajoue is starting to lose his jowls and is now wearing size 2T in most children's clothing brands? This is the size you should choose! If your child has been wearing 3T for quite some time, it would be more appropriate to choose the size above.

4-6 T

You're definitely not a baby anymore! But luckily, Bajoue now offers sizes for bigger kids. If your child wears 4-5T in other kids clothing brands, this is the jacket size you need to get.

Now you're ready to choose the right size with confidence. To store for our evolving jackets for babies and kids, go here: Show now

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