Bajoue gets involved: 10$ in clothing donations per order received

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For a while now, we have been thinking about how we can create good around us, how we can get involved with children and their families, how we can support those in need. We have finally succeeded and it is with great happiness that we share our project with you.

10 in clothing donations

Bajoue is committed to donating $10 from every order received in clothing donations to families in need. More specifically, we collect "Bajoue dollars" which allow us to offer clothing to the most needy.

25 Bajoue outfits delivered per month

Currently, considering the number of orders we receive per month, we are dressing more than 25 children in Bajoue from head to toe. 25 children who receive new, comfortable, quality clothing that they are proud to wear. The wonderful thing is that this number is growing as our company is growing!

It is because of your orders that we are able to dress up the memories of many children in need.

Thank you, thank you, thank you !


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